Hausbrandt Coffee Nonnetti Espresso 1000g

Hausbrandt Coffee Nonnetti Espresso 1000g

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Hausbrandt Nonnetti was the first coffee by the traditional roasters from Trieste which laid the foundation for the distinguished reputation as one of the most well-known and best brands of Italy. The Hausbrandt family has been engaged in coffee trade and roasting since 1892.

Hausbrandt Nonnetti is composed of a selection of the best Arabica and Robusta beans. The distinctive aroma and bouquet of Hausbrandt caffes is achieved through especially slow rotary drum roasting at low temperatures. An extremely gentle coffee which is low in acid.

80 % Arabica and 20 % Robusta beans

Taste Notes:

A coffee with decisive characteristics. The presence of Robusta gives the coffee good body and an unmistakable aroma of toasted bread and biscuits, with an almost imperceptible acidity.

  • medium-strong
  • outstanding aroma
  • excellent crema
  • nutty-creamy taste
  • medium caffeine content. 

Final Thoughts:

The presence of Robusta gives this caffe strength and body without being as overpowering as some Italian roasts. It’s a well mannered espresso though can get a little lost in milk based cappuccino and latte - go easy on the volume of milk and it works well.