Jolly Caffé Miscela Crema 1000g
Jolly Caffé Miscela Crema certified Espresso Italiano

Jolly Caffé Miscela Crema 1000g

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We founded Caffe Autentico out of a passion for authentic Italian coffee. So what could be more appropriate than Jolly Caffè ‘Crema’. Not all coffee can be called Espresso

Jolly Caffé Crema was the first blend to bear the “Certified Italian Espresso” mark in compliance with INEI regulations. Coffee blends are not all equal, and not all Espressos are alike. In 1999 the INEI obtained the certification for Italian espresso marked Espresso Italiano Certificato (Certified Italian Espresso) in compliance with the Csqa certificate n. 214 of 24/09/1999.

In 1999 Jolly Caffè was the first coffee roaster in the world to obtain the Italian Espresso Certificate for its espresso blends.

Crema is a blend of 12 Arabicas, mainly Central American. Each origin is roasted and cooled separately and then blended to perfection. 

100% Arabica Espresso coffee beans

A certified INEI (National Institute of Italian Espresso) espresso blend

Taste Notes:

An elegant and balanced blend in terms of body and freshness, richness of flavour and elegance.

The flavour profile is characterized by body and sweetness; a refined aroma that is aristocratic, elegant, smooth, crisp and forthright.

  • Creamy hazel-brown colour with bright highlights, smooth, mellow and appealing, fine textured, firm and with remarkably long-lasting after-taste
  • Intensely fragrant, with a rich aroma reminiscent of cocoa, vanilla, biscuit, toast, dried fruit, thousand flowers honey, citrus
  • syrupy and velvety body, balanced and sweet, with a pleasant freshness and vitality
  • Remarkably long-lasting aftertaste, rich, aromatic and elegant; evoking notes of dried fruit, dark chocolate, toast, caramel, citrus, honey, flowers and fresh fruit.

Final thoughts:

For me a very versatile, easy drinking espresso that characterises everything you expect from a ‘real’ Italian espresso. One of my personal ‘go to’ coffees from which to benchmark others.