Passalacqua Miscela Napoli 1000g
Passalacqua Miscela Napoli 1000g

Passalacqua Miscela Napoli 1000g

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A sweet, full-bodied, Neapolitan coffee. The Napoli blend has been designed specifically for extracting at an espresso bar machine. A top of the range coffee with excellent body and many of the typical fragrances from the finest Arabica beans from the world's best selected origins.

This exquisite blend was created by Passalacqua in accordance with the quality requirements of the Gran Caffe quality consortium. The purpose was and continues to be to unify expert skills and coffee experience as such that the Gran Caffe seal represents highest standards in regards to bean selection, blend and roasting. Gran Caffe is a roast which Passalacqua developed for the domestic market and only supplies to selected bars and cafés.

10 origins

80% arabica

Taste Notes:

It is a very well balanced coffee, carefully combining Aroma, flavour and body to perfection. Miscela Napoli by Passalacqua has a unique aroma and a delicious scent. It shows outstanding performance in an espresso bar as well as at home.

Final Thoughts:

I've not tried this one yet, but just reading the reviews and description make this the top of my list for next in the hopper!!