Barbera Mago Coffee 1000g

Barbera Mago Coffee 1000g

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Mago is Italian for ‘Magician’ and magic is just what this coffee is. Made from 7 high-quality coffee beans selected and carefully blended from Brazil, Central America and Indonesia. Barbera roasts all the bean varieties of one blend separately, gently and slowly, so as to preserve the typical characteristics of the beans. The coffee beans are then dried quickly with cold air, instead of, as is otherwise customary, with water. This method of air cooling ensures, that the beans preserve their aroma.

The strong and elegant blend with a great crema and suitable for all methods of preparation. makes the Barbera Coffee a great Espresso drunk in the finest coffee houses and restaurants in over 50 countries worldwide.

70% Arabica beans

Taste Notes:

Strong chocolate aroma, as well as a lightly toasted tinge. It smoothly fills your mouth, combining excellent acid balance and long persistent sweet aftertaste.

Final thoughts:

Powerful character, coupled with sweetness, softness and a gentle aroma of nuts, chocolate and fruit. This is one of my personal favourites, a reference to go to coffee between the new ones I experiment with. ‘Magician’ by name, magic for flavour ideally suited to milk based drinks such as cappuccino, flat white and lattes.