Cellini Prestigio Espresso Coffee 1000g

Cellini Prestigio Espresso Coffee 1000g

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Blend of Central and South American arabicas. Using the companies traditional method of gently and slow drum roasting the beans to obtain an even roast and enhancing the coffee in your cup. Described as a fine and somewhat milder coffee (we would agree). 

100% arabica

Taste notes

  • Mild aroma
  • Medium body
  • Medium intensity

Final thoughts

Cellini’s Prestigio is a recent addition to our lineup; we tried it out as soon as it arrived. This is one of the milder coffees we’ve tasted to come out from Italy. It makes an easy drinking espresso and for us does struggle a little combined with milk. Though if you are looking for that Italian sophistication of flavour but just not quite as much punch then this could be worth a try.