Diemme Oro Espresso Coffee 500g

Diemme Oro Espresso Coffee 500g

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Unlike many of its Italian counterparts Diemme Ora is a more mild and refined coffee. Diemme Oro is a top-grade espresso made from 100% Arabica beans of the highest quality. The espresso beans are cultivated in Brazil, Colombia and Costa Rica as well as in Tanzania, Kenia and India.

Miscela Oro is distinguished by an elegant balance between acidity and bitterness. Its aroma is balanced and its flavour is sweet and full, so it leaves a pleasant and persistent aftertaste marked by notes of chocolate and almond.

Developed for pastry shops and coffee bars that want to stand out with a refined blend.

100% Arabica beans

Roast: Medium

Taste Notes:

With a delicate spectrum of fragrances. Slightly sweet, delicate but also with a well-rounded flavour. A pleasantly light chocolaty aroma make it the perfect coffee at any time. Almond, Flower, fresh fruit

  • colour: hazelnut
  • acidity: present but balanced
  • bitterness: almost absent
  • sweetness: present
  • balance: balanced flavours
  • body: medium
  • intensity: medium, with notes of almonds, citrus and fresh fruit

Brewing Notes:


Final Thoughts:

For me this makes a nice lighter, less in your face espresso. If you want a lighter tasting Cappuccino this is the one for you!