Jolly Caffè Nespresso® compatible capsules

Jolly Caffè Nespresso® compatible capsules (5.5g) - pack of 10

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Jolly Coffee is one of the best roasters of Espresso. Each capsule contains a blend of 12 different origins consisting of mainly Central American selected Arabicas; each roasted separately then expertly blended. 
100% Arabica 
The brand Nespresso® is not owned by Jolly Caffè SpA or to companies related to it.

Taste Notes

Jolly espresso is a mild, very aromatic espresso. Its moderate to low acidity makes it very digestible.

  • Hazel-brown crema, velvety, medium texture
  • Intense fragrance
  • Aromas reminiscent of cocoa, amaretto, spices
  • Hints of vanilla
  • Firm and round body

This espresso provides a lasting finish of dark chocolate.