Musetti Espresso Evoluzione Coffee 1000g

Musetti Espresso Evoluzione Coffee 1000g

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Enter Musetti’s top Caffe, a mixture of 100% Arabica. Only coffee beans from the highest and best locations are considered for this delicious blend. A sophisticated combination of natural, washed Arabica beans from Brazil (50% Santos from Sul de Minhas, Cerrado and Mogiana) as well as 6 further choice varieties from Costa Rica, Colombia, Salvador, Guatemala and Ethiopia. Each coffee variety is refined with its individual roasting profile and only composed to produce a blend afterwards.

This very special coffee is Special Quality Certificated with an astonishingly dense and hazelnut crema. Impressive for 100% Arabica coffee. The caffeine content is quite low with 1,1%. This coffee is gently processed and makes it the perfect partner for people with sensitive stomachs. Very gentle. Enjoy this wonderful coffee pure as an espresso or in cappuccino. 

For those who do not accept compromises and only want the best from coffee with a very low caffeine content.

100% Arabica beans

Taste Notes:

Evoluzione is characterized by aromatic, fruity and sweet notes. The delicate taste, fine acidic, caresses the palate and leaves a rich and persistent aftertaste. This is a multifaceted coffee, which releases a large range of roasting aromas such as malt, bread crust, caramel and almond. Discover the versatility of its flavour for yourself!

  • Citrus Fruits
  • Almonds

Final Thoughts:

If I’m looking for a lighter but still flavoursome coffee this is probably at the top of my list. Although softer than some of the more traditional Italian espresso it maintains sufficient punch to cut through milk to work in cappuccino; a perfect way to start the day!