Nannini Coffee Classica / Tradizione 1000g

Nannini Coffee Classica / Tradizione 1000g

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The Classica is the best-selling blend of Tuscany based Nannini. Composed of the best quality Arabica and Robusta the beans are separated by type, then slowly and gently roasted at temperatures between 200 and 220 degrees before being combined to produce a balanced blend. This process ensures that nearly all the bitter substances have virtually no chance to develop.

The taste of the Classica is compatible with many palettes and makes it is suitable for many preparation methods.

55% Arabica / 45% Robusta

Taste Notes:

Classica is a well-rounded and powerful blend with a full and savoury flavour and notes of cocoa and dark chocolate.

Because of  the beautiful balance of this Nannini Classica, the characteristic acidity of the Arabica bean is  almost negligible. The taste is also full but soft at the same time. Fantastic cream layer and a delicious, lingering flavour.

  • roasted nuts 
  • mild coffee
  • perfect thick, creamy long-lasting crema
  • low caffeine content

Final Thoughts:

A top class gourmet espresso; the higher Robusta bean count makes this one of the more full bodied of the caffes we stock - great for cappuccino.