Pellini Coffee Top 100% Arabica 1000g

Pellini Coffee Top 100% Arabica 1000g

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Once confined to professional use only PELLINI TOP has grown in popularity with Italian families for domestic use. Made from carefully selected 100% Arabica 

Only the finest raw beans are selected at the country of origin. Pellini uses temperature controlled slow roasting before then naturally air-cooling and left to rest in tank before being packaged. Each type of bean in the blend is roasted separately to their own roasting profile and then carefully blended by the Roast Master.

This is truly a unique espresso, using an exclusive selection of coffee beans for the industry, appreciated for its elegance and finesse, now available for domestic consumption.

100% Arabica Espresso coffee beans

Taste Notes:

Sophisticated aroma, sweet and delicate but clear flavour, a real espresso coffee. To be appreciated especially without adding sugar.

Final thoughts:

If you are looking for a professional quality striking, yet mild espresso without too much caffeine Pellini Top 100% Arabica is the perfect blend at a great price for such a product.